Direct Hiring

With our cutting-edge technology, ExpTek enables companies to design, select, and personalise their workforce planning while fostering a relationship of trust with their employees. Additionally, working with ExpTek will yield excellent outcomes at a reasonable cost because we offer unmatched access to elite talent.

Find your full-time staff member swiftly.

Collaborating with ExpTek will relieve the burden of recruiting a permanent staff member while completing the task.

Let your hiring needs come first.

Provide us with the information you require to access our database, which contains over 30,000 candidates and 10,000 skills

Interview a True Talent.

Meet the Expert-Vetted personnel available for full-time positions and have previously undergone pre-screening for technical and soft skills.

Continue working.

Transfer your relationship to your systems or let Allied manage all the employment-related complexity and legal issues.

Pre-screening and vetting. Completed.

Provide us with the information you require to access our database, which contains over 30,000 candidates and 10,000 skills

Determine if it is a good fit.

You will pay us a one-time conversion fee, and we will assist you with onboarding if you find the talent appealing and both sides determine it would be a suitable fit for a full-time position.

What Makes Recruiting by ExpTek Direct Hire Unique

With a high success record, our direct hire recruiting teams find you the perfect people with the qualifications and expertise you need to advance.  To find a good fit in terms of experience, culture, and skill set, we take the time to learn about our clients' needs and work as true partners.

Direct Hiring for a Wide Range of Industries

Information Technology
Administrative & Labor Categories
Finance and Accounting
Light Industrial

Stretching the bounds of conventional HR models.

We go beyond the conventional sourcing techniques of "Apply & Hire" and instead focus on actively seeking out, interacting with, and putting you first in the market. We lead the way in implementing CERM (Customer-Employee Relationship Management), making extensive use of our database, machine learning, and technological know-how. We apply the best sourcing strategy on your behalf, enhance your employer brand, and ensure your company has a talent pool for the future.

ExpTek Direct Hire Recruiting Customers Are Happy With Our Support & Outcomes

Thanks to years, perhaps decades, of experience, ExpTek has helped our direct hire recruiting clients succeed. Excellent client satisfaction has been attained through quick placement, personalization, and excellent retention rates.

A Best in Staffing Provide

Over the past 15+ years, ExpTek has proven to be the industry leader in service quality, based entirely on ratings provided by their clients.

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Leadership in Temporary Staffing for More than 15 Years

One of the best temporary staffing companies, ExpTek works with clients to overcome obstacles by utilizing proven techniques grounded in expertise and a thorough comprehension of the particular requirements of legal clients.

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Receive exceptional client service.

Talent management, attraction, and retention are ever-changing challenges. We are your reliable partner in the workplace because of our broad expertise in various industries and in-depth knowledge of the difficulties you encounter.

We're continually investing in advancements and digital technologies to improve hiring practices and the user experience. Our constant goal is to stay ahead of trends by tracking KPIs, success measures, and speed using real-time data.

From the beginning, you have been our prime concern.