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Cloud services are a broad category of internet-delivered, on-demand computer resources and applications that are frequently offered by cloud service providers (CSPs). These services make it possible for people, businesses, and developers to use and access a variety of IT resources without having to purchase or maintain actual hardware and infrastructure. The main categories of cloud services include the following:

Identity & Access Management Service

Organizations utilize Identity and Access Management (IAM) as procedures, tools, and guidelines to manage and restrict digital assets and system access. A specialized service or platform known as an identity and access management service (IAM service) aids organizations in successfully implementing IAM best practices and concepts. IAM services offer a variety of features and capabilities to secure digital identities and manage access to resources. 

ExpTek works on the following key components that includes:

1. Identity management:  
IAM services handle users' identities, including those of partners, clients, and other stakeholders in addition to employees. Creating, providing, updating, and de-provisioning user accounts are all part of this process.

2. Authentication: 
IAM services offer a variety of authentication procedures, including as single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and biometrics when gaining access to systems and applications.

3. Authorization:  
Based on a user's responsibilities, permissions, and attributes, IAM services implement access control policies, deciding which resources and actions they can access. Standard authorization methods include attribute-based access control (ABAC) and role-based access control (RBAC).

4. Directory Services:  
IAM services sometimes incorporate directory services, which keep track of group memberships, attributes, and user profiles. Directory services often used include Active Directory and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

5. Provisioning and de-provisioning: 
IAM services automate granting access to users upon their entry into an organisation and rescinding that permission upon their departure. This promotes efficient and safe access control.

6. Single Sign-On (SSO):  
With SSO, users only need to input their credentials once to access various applications or services. SSO interfaces with numerous applications are made possible by IAM services.

7. Audit and Compliance:  
IAM services offer audit logs and reporting tools to keep track of user activity and guarantee adherence to security and privacy laws.

8. Password Management:  
IAM services frequently offer password policies and self-service password reset capabilities to improve password security.

9. Identity Federation:   
IAM services support identity federation, enabling users to utilize their login credentials to access resources across many domains or organizations.

10. API Security:  
By restricting which users or apps can interact with APIs and enforcing authentication and authorization, IAM services enable secure access to APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

11. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):   
IAM services increase security by requiring users to enter several forms of identification to access systems and data (e.g., a password, a biometric, a token).

In today's digital environment, IAM services are crucial to safeguard against unauthorized access, data breaches, and security concerns. They offer a complete answer for handling identities and regulating access to various IT resources locally and in the cloud. IAM services that fit an organization's requirements and seamlessly work with its current systems and applications are available.

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