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Cloud services are a broad category of internet-delivered, on-demand computer resources and applications that are frequently offered by cloud service providers (CSPs). These services make it possible for people, businesses, and developers to use and access a variety of IT resources without having to purchase or maintain actual hardware and infrastructure. The main categories of cloud services include the following:

Cloud Infrastructure Support

The methods and services used to manage and maintain the underlying IT infrastructure that supports cloud computing environments are termed as cloud infrastructure support. This infrastructure includes the hardware, networking, storage, and virtualization technologies that enable cloud services to function dependably and effectively. Support for cloud infrastructure is essential for maintaining the availability, security, and maximum performance of cloud-based applications and services.

By understanding the client’s requirements, ExpTek works on the various key factors to implement the best solution for its client.

1. Hardware Management:  
ExpTek oversees and maintains the physical hardware in data centers and other facilities used by data centres. This includes servers, storage units, networking tools, and specialized hardware like GPUs and TPUs.

2. Virtualization: 
Virtualization technologies such as hypervisors and containerization platforms construct virtual instances and containers that run applications and services. Our teams manage these virtualization technologies to enhance performance, scalability, and resource allocation.

3. Network management: 
It's essential for cloud settings to make sure the network infrastructure is reliable and scalable. Dependable connectivity for cloud-based apps includes maintaining network setups, load balancing, firewall rules, and network security.

4. Storage Management:  
To maintain data availability, redundancy, and backup, cloud infrastructure support entails managing storage resources, including block and object storage. Setting up storage tiers and data lifecycle management may also be required.

5. Resource Scaling:  
The scalability of cloud environments is well recognised. Teams that support infrastructure monitor resource utilisation and modify capacity as necessary to meet demand. Depending on the application's needs, this may include scaling up or down.

6. Performance Optimisation:  
The cloud infrastructure must be continuously monitored to spot performance bottlenecks, resource limitations, or other problems. Monitoring tools and analytics are used by infrastructure support teams to improve resource usage and application performance.

7. Security and Compliance: 
It is of utmost importance to ensure the security of the cloud infrastructure. To defend against threats and vulnerabilities, our team of experts employ security measures, access controls, encryption, and compliance checks.

8. Disaster Recovery and High Availability:   
To ensure that data and services can be swiftly restored in the case of a loss, cloud infrastructure support includes developing and implementing disaster recovery methods. Low-downtime high availability configurations are also built up.

9. Patching and updating:   
Performing routine maintenance and updates, such as security patches and software upgrades, is crucial to keeping the cloud infrastructure current and safe. We organize and carry out patch management procedures.

10. Incident Response:  
In the event of problems or outages, our support team is in charge of troubleshooting, identifying faults, and putting corrective measures into place to get the service back up and running as soon as possible.

Cost management: 
Cost management for cloud resources is a component of infrastructure support. Teams aim to make the cloud environment cost-effective while optimizing resource utilization.

Depending on the organization's choices and requirements, internal IT teams, managed service providers (MSPs), or cloud service providers (CSPs) like ExpTek can support the organization's cloud infrastructure. Regardless of the strategy, reliable, performant, and secure cloud-based applications and services depend on good cloud infrastructure support.

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